Managing your Time, Energy, Focus and Wellbeing

Here at Your Excellency we understand that your time is precious. We understand that, If you’re going to spend a day out of the office, you want it to be enjoyable, memorable and worth your while. You want valuable, beneficial skills and learning that you can instantly put into practice.

That’s why we’ve developed a one day workshop which combines luxury and learning so that you can step back into your workplace refreshed, motivated and armed with the valuable skills and know-how to manage your time, energy and focus – ultimately ensuring your wellness in the workplace.

We invite you to join us at the luxury 4* Beauchamp Hotel – one of the Grange’s boutique collection hotels in leafy Bloomsbury, London –  at a cost of £340 (plus VAT). This cost includes personalised technique cards, tea/coffee breaks and  buffet lunch.  We also invite you to join us for a glass of Champagne at the end of the day to celebrate your new found knowledge.

We have negotiated a preferential rate on overnight rooms at The Beauchamp and you can take advantage of a 10% discount on spa treatments at The Grange St Pauls hotel.  To find out more and to book your place (limited to 14 people) please contact us.

Programme Overview

“Energy flows where the attention goes” 

  • Exploring the “energy spectrum” and what makes you thrive
  • Utilising breathing patterns to maintain energy, focus and balance

Wellbeing – what you know

  • Identification of what you already know ….and what you don’t know!

Top tips for wellbeing at work

  • Sharing and identification of top tips for wellbeing at work

“So much to do, so little time” 

  • Effective time management – prioritising your workload
  • Procrastination – what’s holding you back from being the most effective you can be?

“If you believe you can or believe you cannot, either way you are likely to be right” 

  • Exploring beliefs you hold that can ensure or sabotage your success
  • Developing flexibility in thinking, behaviours and language to promote assertiveness and motivation
  • Utilising the benefits of curiosity versus judgement

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” 

  • Successfully applying outcome thinking to identify and achieve what you and others need and want to achieve

“You are a human being, not a human doing…” 

  • Exploring congruence, actualisation and alignment – the fundamental of a  human being….

“Champagne – in success you deserve it” 

  • Celebrate your newfound knowledge with a glass of champagne and a toast to yourself and your fellow attendees

This exciting workshop is led with energy and enthusiasm by Lindsay Taylor and Louise Lloyd