Put a Frame on it! (The case of the 5 year old’s birthday party)

Put a Frame on it! (The case of the 5 year old’s birthday party)

So, I’m sure we’ve all read the “shocking” news that a 5 year old boy’s parents have been billed a “no show fee” by not turning up to a birthday party. I’m also pretty sure we’ve all got some strong views and ideas on the situation too, right?

My view is that this whole situation could have been easily avoided. Quite simply, all the parents organising the party had to do was “put a frame on it” in the first place.

Put a frame on it? Yep. Easy. Simple. Let me explain it.

For any situation you can set the expectation and decide how you want the situation to work and run – and share this expectation with all those involved.

In the case of the 5 year old’s birthday party then – the parents organising the party could have communicated to the parents of the children invited (verbally or in writing) and asked for their “okay” that, should a child be unable to attend the party it would be up to that child’s parent to foot the “no show” fee. It would then have been up to the parents of the children invited to agree or not agree to this. Quite simple really.

Whilst some of you will be “siding” with the parents of the birthday boy at the insensitivity of the “no show” given the expense of the party, I can hear many of you saying “But that’s not the point here……the cheek of it! To expect the invited children’s parents to foot a bill for a ‘no show’ is just ludicrous!”

This is not about taking “sides”.  This is not about acting like 5-year olds ourselves. It is about putting in to practice open, honest communication that sets the expectations of a situation. You have a choice whether to “buy-in” and commit to a situation once it has been “framed”. You can better make a decision about your involvement in a situation once you have all the information laid out in front of you. When you “put a frame on” a situation you are ensuring that everyone involved is clear as to the expectations of them – everyone knows how this is going to work.

Easy. Simple. Framed.

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