Unlocking the Potential

A one day personal development workshop introducing tools and models around outcome thinking, rapport and patterns of behaviour. With this learning you will have the ability to work and live more effectively and efficiently, create stronger relationships and be able to influence and lead yourself and those around you. To find out more about any of the workshops on this page and to book your place, please contact us.

Ernest Shackleton Leadership Day

Leading in unknown territory or uncertain times. Looking at Shackleton’s Seven Styles of Leadership and developing your own to create greater influence over yourself and your team. Be able to overcome the challenges of team diversity and deal with setbacks and changing circumstances.

Communication, Awareness & Influencing

Being able to create rapport, recognise others patterns of behaviours in order to lead, motivate and influence.

Outcome & Directional Thinking

Identifying and achieving what you really want as an individual, team, organisation or business as a whole.

Customer Engagement & Reputation Management

Creating a personal or business brand, working to that brand and creating a “WOW” factor for internal and external customers.