Trick or Treat? Where do you get your motivation from?

As Halloween approaches, here’s some food for thought for you all!

Are you motivated by fear and being spurred into action because you may be punished or something may happen that you don’t like or don’t want? (Trick)

Or are you motivated by thoughts of niceties and rewards that you will gain (Treat)

We are motivated by either
– External factors, the outside world and other people which is called “extrinsic motivation”
– motived from within ourselves, our personal drive based on interest and enjoyment in a task – which is called “intrinsic motivation”

Thinking about extrinsic motivation, there are 2 distinct types, namely

– The threat of punishment for misbehaviour (Trick) and
– Being rewarded for showing a desired behaviour (Treat)

So what’s motivating you right now?!

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