You’re bloody brilliant, you are…….

Yup – I got your attention with the title didn’t I ?! 1-0 to me then…..

For those who know me, the quirky title (and indeed style in which I write) is reflective of my personality – quirky, honest and pretty down-to-earth – I “say-it-as-it-is”– take it or leave it. And once I get a bee in my bonnet about something then I’m not going to leave it alone until I voice my opinion. So there (blows a raspberry – in a professional way of course!).

The title, and this article, is a result of several “convos” I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. I’ve spent the last few weeks catching up with the “movers and shakers” in the PA world – having taken a few months off due to ill health earlier this year I needed to get back up to speed with how things had moved on in the PA world…..and frustratingly and disappointingly it sounds like I’ve not missed much really. Shame on you PAs.

Whilst I’ve missed the delights of office* show, Vic Darragh’s Hays PA Conference and Lucy Brazier’s ExecSec Live in Dubai, it appear the PA profession has stalled. Come on PAs. It’s time you got in to gear and moved the profession forward.

Have you stopped to think about the extent of the tasks you’re involved in day-to-day? Have you compiled a list of skills and attributes that you believe it’s essential to have as a successful PA? And then checked off those you believe (and know) you excel at? Have you thought about the members of staff in your organisation who come to you as the “fountain of all knowledge” in your organisations – “Go and ask xxxx’s PA – they’ll know!” ………

Yup – you’re bloody brilliant, you are.

But you don’t realise it. And therein lies the problem.

Until you realise your worth as a valued and essential member of your organisation then the PA profession has no
hope of moving forward. As a former PA myself, I’m passionate about championing the role and helping PAs and EAs worldwide realise their true worth in an organisation….and whilst there’s so many of you that truly need this “wake up call” then I’ll never be out of a job – 2-0 to me then……….

About the author: Lindsay Taylor, a former PA herself, is passionate about championing the role of the PA and helping PAs and EAs worldwide realise their true worth in an organisation……….famed for delivering fun, down-to-earth and jargon-free learning as Director of Your Excellency Ltd.

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