T-CUP Team Training

Learn to perform under pressure like the sporting greats

Do you find that you or your team don’t perform well under pressure? Would you like a structured approach that gives you the power to combine a positive mindset with detailed preparation to deliver exceptional performance consistently? The Your Excellency T-Cup training programme gives you all the skills and tools you will need to thrive under pressure. In all cases it will elevate your ability to perform, lead and work together. So if you want your team to be able to effectively manage short and long term change and deal with business disruptions in a calm and effective manner, T-CUP is for you.

What is T-CUP?

T-CUP stands for Thinking Correctly Under Pressure

Remember when England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003? Having looked comfortable at half-time, questionable refereeing decisions allowed Australia back into the game forcing extra time at the end of 80 minutes. The teams were still tied as the clock ran down to the end of the additional period. But England had a plan and when the ball was given to Jonny Wilkinson in the last few seconds, he executed a perfect drop goal to win England’s first World Cup.

England did not win that World Cup by accident. It took years of preparation both as a team and for each individual. Wilkinson himself was obsessive about practising for hours and utilising visualisation techniques that would help him become the best fly-half of his era.

Sir Clive Woodward was responsible for guiding that team to World Cup success. And it is Sir Clive Woodward who used T-CUP to ensure his team were ready to win under extreme pressure.

Using the 6 step T-CUP model, Your Excellency and Sir Clive Woodward have co-created this training programme designed specifically for you and your business, to ensure your team will put the skills and techniques instantly usable skills and training into practice.

What happens on a T-Cup training day?

Prior to the training day we will have a ‘diagnostic session’ with you and your team. This allows us to understand how your team is performing, what is working well, what needs improvement and what exceptional looks like.

With this information we will create a T-CUP day especially for you, designed to meet your exact objectives.

On the day your team will be inspired by:

  • Video stories from sporting legends and leaders sharing their T-CUP secrets to help you relate your experiences most effectively
  • Videos from Sir Clive Woodward himself explaining the origins of T-CUP and how you can apply it in your business
  • Practical exercises that will help your team use T-CUP in typical scenarios, building their understanding and engagement as they deal with challenges relevant to them

Thinking Correctly Under Pressure will be embedded within your team. We include a half-day follow-up session to support your progress, discuss barriers to success and agree new objectives.

Why does T-CUP training work?


T-CUP training is so powerful because the day truly inspires those who attend. Our videos will deliver stories of performance challenges under pressure from elite athletes and leaders who everyone can relate to. The winning atmosphere we create through Sir Clive Woodward’s Rugby World Cup success gets people into a positive mindset, ready to embrace T-CUP principles.


The interactive exercises we use are based on your specific business scenarios. Learning starts straight away, is more deeply embedded because of its relevance and gives your team practical skills to use the moment they go back to the office.

Instantly useable

T-CUP is a straight-forward and structured 6 step programme that it is instantly useable and easy to implement. This means your team will embrace it and deliver exceptional performance.

App access

We will also give you access to Sir Clive Woodward’s unique collaborative learning app. This allows your team to make lasting change and to learn from others who have been through the programme in a continually evolving world.

What will T-CUP training do for you and your team?

The key to T-CUP training is by taking a fun, structured and completely bespoke approach, we get great results. We’ve explained why the training works. Here are some of the outcomes you will gain from the training:

  • More confidence within your team to deal with pressure situations
  • Greater team resilience and flexibility
  • Shared leadership when managing change
  • Increased performance against personal and business objectives as people use the 6 step process to execute consistently
  • A more agile approach, able to deal with unforeseen circumstances in a calm and effective way
  • Improved business results, leading to revenue and profit growth

Ultimately T-CUP will elevate performance for anyone who puts it into practice. Your team, after training, will have the ability to deliver exceptional performance and truly thrive under pressure.

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