About us

Why we created Your Excellency

Your Excellency was founded by Malcolm and Lindsay Taylor. Malcolm worked in senior finance and operations roles for twenty years and he knew that there were other interests he wanted to pursue. Given his fascination with high performance, especially in sport, Malcolm decided to take a sports psychology course.

This proved the catalyst for Malcolm’s idea that thousands of managers and executives would benefit greatly from the insights of sports psychology to develop their own business performance. He recognised how often employees who performed well in their functional roles were promoted with no management training or experience. He knew he could help.

After studying for two years, increasing his knowledge of psychology and performance, Malcolm was ready to start his own training business. His aim – to ensure all of his clients delivered excellent performance having gone through his programmes. Thus was born ‘Your Excellency’.
Lindsay had 10 years of experience working as a senior PA to CEOs and Directors of global businesses. Just as Malcolm wanted to elevate the performance of managers and executives, Lindsay wanted to do exactly the same for Personal and Executive Assistants.

Between them, they have created innovative training programmes that are helping PAs, managers and executives to become the very best performers in their businesses and sectors.

And the thing they love the most? Those “light bulb moments” when their clients fully understand why they are challenged today and how they can become exceptional performers tomorrow.