The Mini MBA
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Become a truly exceptional EA

The Mini MBA: Created specifically for the profession

At Your Excellency Limited , we champion PAs / EAs & Administrative Professionals like no other training provider. What can you contribute to your organisation in 2021 and beyond? Boost your career, grow in confidence and become a truly exceptional EA wherever you are in the world with The Mini MBA designed specifically for the PA / EA & Administrative Professional 

About this Programme

Become a truly exceptional EA by combining strategy, finance, marketing and leadership know-how in this accessible and accredited blended-learning Programme. The Mini MBA is for Senior & Executive Assistants who want to master business and leadership skills.

The knowledge and skills you will learn will be equally useful within your professional role and personal lives.

The blended learning Programme consists of 9 modules delivered via the Your Excellency Virtual Academy. 5 modules will be 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and 4 modules will be pre-recorded webinars. In between each module you will perform some independent learning to include research, application of tools and models, and development of a case study.

An introduction session of 60 minutes will kick-off the Programme. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions, meet the trainer and your fellow learners.

During the Programme you will have open access to the trainer for support. You will be encouraged to share thoughts and ideas with fellow learners to expand your knowledge and network.

Programme Modules

The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants consists of an introductory session to meet your trainer and fellow learners. The following 9 modules are delivered via the Your Excellency Virtual Academy. 5 modules are 3 hour live Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and 4 modules are pre-recorded webinars.


“This course is an incredibly exciting addition to Your Excellency Limited’s portfolio of training and development. At the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) we are very proud to accredit The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants, and we highly recommend this course to any Senior or Executive Assistant looking to grow in confidence and boost their skills.”

Andrew Jardine, General Manager, IAM

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About Your Trainer

Malcolm Taylor


Malcolm is a leading business performance coach and trainer with the ability to translate theory into practical solutions. Malcolm was a highly successful Finance and Operations Senior Executive working in the Technology sector across the globe for over 20 years.

The Mini MBA Programme will help you develop the skills and capabilities that Malcolm has himself applied across his business career. Using his breadth of experience and first hand examples, you can be assured of receiving impactful and instantly usable training.


” The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants is a fantastic addition to our learning & development portfolio. Accredited by the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), this blend of live, interactive classes and pre-recorded webinars is perfect for Senior & Executive Assistants to master their business and leadership skills, and become truly exceptional.”

Malcolm Taylor, Founder & Director

Introductory Session

Meet the trainer and your fellow learners on the programme. This session will detail the programme flow, timings and expectations in between modules and outline “case study” requirements upon completion of all 9 modules.

Delivery Format: 60 minute Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Module 1: Understanding Myself

Gain a clear understanding of how you prefer to learn, your motivational traits and which work style you best fit. This module will set the foundations to allow you to get the most from this Programme by ensuring you learn in your preferred style.

Delivery Format: 60 minute pre-recorded webinar

Module 2: Business Strategy

Understand the purpose and approach to business strategy. Learn what makes a successful strategy through analysis of both the external and internal environments. Understand the importance and process of communicating and implementing the strategy throughout the organisation.

Delivery Format: 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Module 3: Stakeholder Management

Where should you place your time, energy and resources to manage the needs, wants and requirements of both internal and external stakeholders? Learn how to meet strategic outcomes by knowing which of your stakeholders have the greatest influence and impact.

Delivery Format: 60 minute pre-recorded webinar

Module 4: Leadership Development

Why is impactful leadership so important and why do leadership styles require situational flexibility? Learn the difference between leadership and management and how both can be used to good effect. What makes good performance management? Recognise the importance and art of giving and receiving effective feedback.

Delivery Format: 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Module 5: Marketing

Gain an insight into the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan, the power of branding and how to gain and sustain competitive advantage. Understand what makes a successful marketing mix and learn how strategic ideas are realised through marketing actions.

Delivery Format: 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Module 6: Business Plans

Recognise the key elements to a business plan and relate business plans to business strategy. Use business planning methodology to create business cases to justify projects or investments. How can you monitor and measure strategic success using performance based tools?

Delivery Format: 60 minute pre-recorded webinar

Module 7: Financial Reporting

How well can you understand, read and interpret the 3 main financial statements? Gain an understanding of financial terminology and jargon, learn the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of financial success and perform cash management analysis.

Delivery Format: 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Module 8: Budgets & Forecasts

Expand your financial knowledge to create and manage budgets. Learn how to identify costs and use these within budgetary planning. Differentiate between budgets & forecasts and understand their contribution to the business performance process.

Delivery Format: 60 minute pre-recorded webinar

Module 9: Project Management

Expertly prepare, plan, deliver and evaluate successful projects using recognised project management methodology. Draw on your skills from all previous modules to create a project combining all the learning from The Mini MBA Programme.

Delivery Format: 3 hour Virtual Instructor Led Live Training

Programme Completion

To complete the Programme and gain your certificate you will be required to develop a case study to demonstrate your understanding and application of your learning. This can be in the form of a business report or presentation and will be developed throughout the Programme with the support of your trainer.

The case study is useful for employers to recognise how your learning is being embedded into your role and benefitting the organisation.

You will then receive your IAM accredited Programme completion certificate for The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants.




Alice Scutchey talks about her Mini MBA experience so far...

Meet Alice Scutchey, part of our first cohort of the Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants that launched in February 2021. Alice shares her story in a short Q&A of why she joined the Mini MBA and what it’s been like to share her experience with other EA and PA professionals.

Mini MBA Podcast Special: Listen to course trainer Malcolm Taylor discuss the Mini MBA with IAM General Manager, Andrew Jardine

About The IAM (Institute of Administrative Management)

The IAM are one of the oldest professional bodies for business and administrative managers in the UK.

The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants is accredited by the IAM, which means Your Excellency Limited meet stringent quality standards. You can be assured of content that is current and relevant, delivered by expert qualified trainers. 

Upon signing up for the Programme, you are provided with 3 months Membership of the IAM at Associate level. When you complete this Programme, you will be able to take advantage of a preferential Your Excellency alumni rate and upgrade to full IAM membership status. 

Existing IAM members are eligible for 15% discount on listed training prices.

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