The Mini MBA
for Senior & Executive Assistants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which will help with your decision-making on joining us for The Mini MBA for Senior Executive Assistants. 

This supplements the information contained in our Course Information Pack which you can download here and the “EA/PA Chataway with Lindsay” Bonus Mini MBA Episode which you can listen to below or from wherever you get your podcast inspiration.

You can view learner stories from Your Excellency Mini MBA Alumni here

The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants is a blended Programme that consists of nine modules delivered via The Your Excellency Virtual Academy. Five modules are 3 hour live Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and four modules are pre-recorded webinars. In between each module you will be expected to perform some independent learning to include research, application of tools and models and development of a case study.

The lead trainer for this Programme is our Co-founder and Director, Malcolm Taylor. You can read more about Malcolm here and listen to the Bonus Mini MBA Episode of “The EA/PA Chataway with Lindsay” here which is a great introduction to Malcolm and the Programme.  

The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants is offered at an investment of £1,295 plus VAT.

Please let us know if you are self-funding your learning & development, and be sure to check with any EA/PA networking groups you are a member of to see if there are any discounts available to you.

If you are member of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) you can claim a 15% discount on the investment. 

We can offer discounts for corporate, inhouse delivery of the Programme. This is a perfect cost effective training solution if there are a team of EAs/PAs in your organisation interested in completing the Programme.

Yes, we accept credit and debit card payments for our training. 

To book your place, email with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Preferred cohort start date
  • Invoice address
  • Existing IAM membership number (if applicable for 15% discount)

Alternatively you can book online using a credit or debit card here

The latest Programme start date with spaces available is October 19th 2022. 

 Click here for up to date Programme commencements and all Module dates.

We will be announcing more start dates in due course.

These are 3 hour sessions.  Depending on the Cohort you have joined, they are delivered from 930-1230 UK time or 1330-1630 UK time. 

We recently announced a programme designed for those in North America with live sessions starting at 3.30pm UK time (10.30am Eastern).

We appreciate that there may be unforeseen circumstances which result in you not being able to attend a VILT session.  We will ensure the session is recorded and emailed to you for your later viewing.

We set the cohort group size at a maximum of 10 learners.  We want to create a personal connection with you and support you fully with your learning whilst giving you an opportunity to network and learn from your fellow cohort members. This maximum group size of means your learning is optimised.

You’ll need to schedule in attendance at the live VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions) which are 3 hours duration (either UK morning or afternoon sessions depending on the Cohort). 

You will need to set aside time to listen to the pre-recorded webinars between VILT sessions.  These are approximately 60 minutes in length. 

There is an expectation for you to commit to self-study of approximately 3-4 hours per month.  This self-study time will contribute to your Case Study submission at the end of the Programme.

No – the Programme is available to learners across the globe! 

We have welcomed Mini MBA learners from across the UK & Europe, North America, South Africa, India & Australia.

To ensure that The Mini MBA is accessible to EAs across the globe, the timing of live sessions will vary for each Programme & group of learners.

Some Programme live sessions are 9.30-12.30 UK time and some are 13.30-16.30 UK time to ensure that time zones across the globe are accounted for.

No.  There is no exam at the end of the Programme.  With the support of your trainer, throughout the Programme you will develop a case study to demonstrate your understanding and application of the learning.

The case study is something you will develop throughout the Programme with the support of your trainer.  This is a document that demonstrates your understanding and application of learning using real or potential projects, initiatives or situations. 

The case study is useful for employers to recognise how your learning is being embedded into your role and benefitting your organisation.

Yes. It is an accredited Programme which means it has met stringent quality standards with the accrediting organisation, the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM). Employers reading “The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants” on your CV/resume will have the confidence that you can and will apply the most up to date strategic thinking and leadership.

Whilst there are no pre-requisite qualifications needed to join this Programme, we want to ensure this is the right level of study for you. This Programme is ideally suited to those operating at Senior or Executive Assistant level. It is also perfect for ambitious Assistants preparing for the next stage of their career.

Lead trainer Malcolm will be delighted to chat with you to confirm your suitability for the Programme.

Yes. You will receive a Certificate at the end of the Programme. This Certificate bears the logo of the course accreditor, IAM. To gain this certificate you will be required to complete all the modules and develop a case study to demonstrate your understanding and application of the learning. This will be developed throughout the Programme with the support of your trainer.

You will receive supporting materials during the Programme. These include a Learning Log, Digital Workbook & course notes, templates and models for use in case studies, copies of all slides and presentations, useful resources and recommended reading.

Upon signing up for the Programme you also receive a ‘Welcome Box’ which will be mailed to you.

This means you’ll have access to membership benefits of the Institute.  These include

  • designatory letters after your name
  • discounts with IAM preferred providers
  • invitations to IAM events
  • a regular newsletter with updates on sector developments
  • CPD credits to use against training sessions offered in the newly launched 2021 IAM Academy

When you complete The Mini MBA Programme, you will be invited to extend and upgrade your membership at special Your Excellency alumni rates.

Visit for more details.   You can also listen to our Bonus Episode 5 of the “EA/PA Chataway with Lindsay” podcast featuring Andrew Jardine, General Manager of the IAM (timings 24:11) here or wherever you normally find your podcast inspiration.

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