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Over 5000 EAs & PAs trained worldwide

Over 5000 EAs and PAs have benefited from our training worldwide and are now enjoying the benefits of our class leading training and coaching.


Meet the team

Lindsay Taylor


Lindsay believes that PAs are some of the most unsung heroes in any organisation. She should know, having spent 10 years as a PA/EA to high profile CEOs in transatlantic organisations like Transamerica Corporation. She has organised major international conferences and events and led large teams of administrative and secretarial staff, so fully understands what a great PA looks like. That’s why she is passionate about raising the profile of PAs and EAs so that they receive the kudos and recognition they deserve.

Like Malcolm, Lindsay wanted to develop her skills to give something back, so retrained as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach. NLP is the practice of understanding how people think, feel, react to situations and use language to deliver excellent performance. Her training gave her one of those ‘light bulb moments’. The more a PA understands how they tick as an individual and how their Executives and colleagues operate, the more effective and confident they will be. And that’s why she has designed interactive and jargon-free courses that provide everything a PA needs to become an exceptional performer.

She has introduced accredited qualifications for PAs through Your Excellency to provide additional credibility. But most importantly, she thinks training should be jargon-free and fun! She is determined to create a community of exceptional PAs who deliver excellent performance for their Executives, their organisations and most of all, for themselves.

Lindsay is the proud author of ‘A-Z Pearls of Wisdom for Executive PAs’, an invaluable resource to help PAs perform at their best and writes regular articles and features for admin magazines and websites including the highly regarded Executive Secretary Magazine.

Malcolm Taylor


Malcolm is a leading business performance coach and trainer with the ability to translate theory into practical solutions. Malcolm was a highly successful Finance and Operations Senior Executive working in the Technology sector across the globe for over 20 years.

Many of the challenges and issues he may help you overcome, he’s faced himself. The result; he can coach you more effectively by using his breadth of experience.

Malcolm is a trained Master Coach and NLP Practitioner. He also has specialist status in NLP for sports personnel. That means he can really help you develop as a leader, as a business performer and as a person by using the very best techniques learnt in the sports world. Malcolm’s passion is to get the best out of people.

Whether you work in the private or public sector, and no matter what industry, Malcolm’s coaching, team-building events and training programmes will give you all the tools you need to be a winner.

Given many of the insights Malcolm provides come from sport, it may not be surprising to know that he is a sports fanatic. Whether playing, watching or coaching, he can often be found involved in rugby, cricket or golf.

Our Associate Trainers

Lorraine Groves


Lorraine is Your Excellency’s Wellness Associate and a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Lorraine is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives. She believes that we all have the ability to cultivate the skills we need to support our wellbeing. Lorraine is a champion for work-life balance, and living a fulfilled meaningful life. She draws from positive psychology, mindfulness and NLP to facilitate and empower people to achieve their goals and live a life driven by the things that they value. Having previously run her own business consultancy, Lorraine understands the stresses and strains that daily working life brings. This enables her to engage authentically and congruently with others. She shares tools, techniques and skills in interactive and fun sessions that help individuals and teams manage and improve wellbeing.

Annie Page


Annie is a former PA with 15 years’ experience working at Director level in a range of industries and businesses. In 2004 Annie set up her own training and coaching organisation, Essentii.

She is delighted to be an Associate Trainer with Your Excellency Ltd sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise and specialises in delivering the “Produce Minutes of Meetings” and “Principles of Writing for Business” Units of SFJ Awards – Level 3 Award in Professional PA and Administration Skills.

Alice Scutchey


Alice is an award-winning Senior EA with over 15 year’s experience in business administration. She currently supports two senior partners at a private bank in the City. 

She is passionate about helping other PA’s & EA’s grow and develop their skills so in February 2019, founded The CWPA Club where members can attend weekly training and networking events. She believes assistants should have a clear path of progression and equal opportunities to fulfil their career ambitions. 

Alice is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and keen speaker so uses this to tell her story, champion women and promote the PA profession. Alice enjoys bringing people together, promoting happiness by living positively and supporting others to do the same.

Sarah Kelland


Sarah is a performance coach and trainer at Illuminow Learning. She shares a rich mix of behavioural sciences, NLP, classic coaching and business mentoring with individuals and teams. Having worked in senior commercial media roles, Sarah brings pragmatic, outcome orientated energy to her work.

Sarah draws on her extensive experience on leading product launches, rebrands and commercial seminar events to deliver the “Principles of Business Event Management” and “Introduction to Marketing for Administrative Managers” Units of SFJ Awards – Level 3 Award in Professional PA and Administrative Skills.

Ingrid Richardson


Ingrid is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (“CIPD”) with many years’ experience of Human Resources both at strategic and operational levels, working across a range of sectors. 

Ingrid set up her own HR Consultancy several years ago, providing clients with advice and guidance through the whole employment life cycle. In addition, she runs workshops to develop people managers, she also facilitates on the CIPD professional qualifications at Levels 3 and 5 both in the UK and the Gulf Region.

Ingrid delivers the “Principles of HR for Senior Administrative Staff” Unit of SFJ Awards Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills. 

Her approach to workshop delivery is relaxed, encouraging participation and engagement of all delegates to enable learning in a safe environment.  She advocates having fun when learning but at the same time ensuring that the learning can be transferred back to the day job.

She is also an award winning outplacement consultant, supporting individuals who are in the process of transitioning in their career and delivers a range of workshops as well as 1:1 coaching to support clients’ journeys to the next chapter of their career.