Chilli Farm Team Development Days

Creating exceptional teams in your business

Do you want your team to deliver red hot performance? Are you struggling to get colleagues to collaborate or communicate effectively? Are your team dynamics unbalanced?

The very best teams have that special ingredient that brings a diverse group of people together into a great unit. That’s what the red chilli does. It’s the special ingredient that spices up a dish and makes it all come together. If you want to improve your team’s performance in any way, we have the answer.

The Your Excellency ‘Chilli Farm’ Team Development Day.

What happens on a Chilli Farm Team Development Day?

Many of our clients allow us to take their teams out of the office for a day to focus on the training. As this programme revolves around chillis, we will take your team to a delightful nursery in Bedfordshire.

We’ll give your team a memorable experience that uses all of their senses as they pick, cook and taste chillis. We learn much more when we engage our senses, that’s why Chilli Farm training deeply embeds the key learnings your team will gain throughout the day. And of course, the whole day is geared around communicating more effectively, improving collaborative skills and respecting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll tailor the day to focus on the key challenges your team is facing, with exercises throughout that will ultimately deliver the transformation you are looking for.

For some customers, sending a whole team away for the day is a stretch. We are just as happy to run the experience at a venue to suit you. Your team will still enjoy the benefits of our Chilli Pepper training and the outcomes it delivers.

What will Chilli Farm Team Development do for you and your team?

The key to Chilli Farm training is by taking a fun, structured and completely bespoke approach, you get great results. Here are some of the outcomes you will gain from the training:

  • Effective communication between colleagues
  • Increased trust and respect across the team
  • A sense of collaboration and common goals
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • A greater drive to achieve as a team
  • Individual and team accountability and responsibility
  • An appreciation of individual working styles and preferences

Barriers to optimum team work lead to unhappy staff, challenges in achieving company objectives and very often, poor customer experience.

Our Chilli Farm training day will help you improve in all of those areas, resulting in happy staff, effective managers, satisfied customers and increased profitability and growth.

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