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"I have just completed the A-Z Pearls of Wisdom online together with receiving Lindsay's book which I dip in and out of probably most days for inspiration and encouragement. The course was so informative, positive, friendly and easy listening. Lindsay captures your attention during the course too. There were so many useful tools and ideas to assist in my role which I am forever truly grateful for."

Charlotte Roberts, A-Z Digital Course learner

What will I gain from the A-Z Pearls of Wisdom Digital Course?

We get it. If you’re going to invest in learning and development, you want to know what you’re going to gain from it.

The A-Z Pearls of Wisdom Digital Course provides you with the skills and know-how to tackle many of the challenges you face in your day to day working life, situations like

Ultimately you’ll gain instantly-useable and practical tips and tricks on how to be the very best EA and PA. The A-Z Pears of Wisdom Digital Course will give you that boost of confidence to excel in your role.

Hello. I’m Lindsay Taylor, Co-Founder & Director of Your Excellency Limited and proud author of “A-Z Pearls of Wisdom for Executive PAs”. 

Originally published in 2015 my multi-award winning book has been read and favourably reviewed by EAs, PAs and Administrative Professionals across the world.

In September 2022 I revised and updated my book to ensure the content is the most relevant and beneficial. 

This second edition provides inspiration for a brand new exciting training package – 26 impactful pre-recorded training sessions providing learning from Assertiveness to Managing your Energy from Feedback to Conducting a Personal SWOT.

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“I was lucky enough to be received the A-Z Pearls of Wisdom book and watched the digital courses. They are so informative and have useful tips and tools which make you step back to reflect on what you’re doing to change your mindset – even after 20+ years I’m still learning from this book.”

Nicola Constable, Trustpilot review

What's included with the A-Z digital course?

26 pre-recorded videos

26 pre-recorded training videos per below – issued in one go and can be watched over again.

Over 3 hours of content

Unlocking this digital course gives you over 3 hours of content specifically designed for EAs and PAs that are looking to grow and develop their careers.

Lifetime access to all content

Once you buy the programme you get lifetime access to the course and any updates to content.

Meet the author live sessions

Not only do you get lifetime access to the online course and all content, you also get the chance to meet the author in regular sessions during the year.

Signed copy of the book

Included in the digital course is a signed copy of the book, delivered anywhere in the world.

Buy the course today for just £149

Remember, you get life time access AND a free copy of the book that accompanies the course.

What topics are covered with the A-Z digital course?

Personal development



Buy the course today for just £149

Remember, you get life time access AND a free copy of the book that accompanies the course.

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