Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 20: Networking and Requesting Feedback

Did you know that, according to The Institute of Employment Studies, 60% of your career progression can be put down to networking?

I interpret this to mean:

✔ Staying in touch with your network – your ecosystem, your buddies, colleagues, team members – whatever label you want to give to all those fabulous people you are connected with….

✔ Asking yourself – who do I know that can help me right now? 

✔ Sending that email

✔ Arranging that Zoom/Teams call

✔ Asking for expertise, knowledge, help and advice from others (there’s no need to be proud here – we ALL have complementary strengths and skillsets)

✔ In exchange offering your expertise, knowledge, help and advice (and in doing so employing The Law of Reciprocity)

✔ Supporting each other through these strange times

I put an email out to several friends and colleagues who I knew would be able to give me the gen and input I need for a new venture for Your Excellency.  Every single person came back with a wealth of knowledge that I can benefit from – and they know that I’m here for them if they need to tap into my strengths too!

So, to all the fabulous readers of this #LunchNLearnWithLindsay I’m asking for your assistance please.

We have the most amazing marketing guru on board at Your Excellency who is encouraging us to gain more feedback and reviews.  If you’ve attended training or coaching with us, if you’re benefiting from being connected with us, if you’re enjoying the content in these mailouts – how would you rate us and what do you have to say?  Thank you for your input!

With regards


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