Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 44: 10 things to be grateful for as a 21st century PA: Part 2

We’ve recently had an influx of subscribers to Your Excellency’s email communications, combined with interest in our new 2021 Programme The Mini MBA for Senior & Executive Assistants. If this is your first time here – welcome! You can catch up on past issues of ????#LunchNLearnWithLindsay???? by visiting our webpage here.  

10 things to be grateful for as a 21st century PA : The second thing

In last week’s issue, I shared that I learned to type on one of those “clicky-clacky” old fashioned typewriters (how old do I feel typing that! ). After my “a” key came loose on my laptop, I noticed that it was resting on its own little “cushion”. I am so grateful for 21st century laptops and computers with “tippy tappy” little-cushioned, soft keyboards!

The Second Thing :  Technology and the power of connection

When I’ve shared all ten things via these #LunchNLearnWithLindsay issues, I’m going to combine the content into one article that will be shared on social media – LinkedInTwitter and Facebook (make sure you’re connected with me on these different sites). 

Technology and the power of connection via these platforms means a reach of like minded individuals across the world. 

When you stop and think about it, that’s pretty amazing isn’t it? 

As 21st Century PAs we have information available at our fingertips – from our soft “tippy tappy” cushioned keyboards, we only have to open our browser and we have access and connection with the world. We have the ability to connect and communicate with like minded EAs PAs & Administrative Professionals across the globe and learn from each other… there is no longer the need to look up information in Encyclopedia Brittannica!

One of my daughter’s favourite sayings from a very early age is “if you don’t know the answer mummy, just Google it”.



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