Top 20 Benefits of accredited training and qualifications with Your Excellency Limited (cont…)

Welcome to part 2 of our blog series – The Top 20 Benefits of Accredited training and qualifications with Your Excellency, featuring tips 11 to 20.

Benefit #11

You can fit your learning around your busy (work & personal) life. Our Mini MBA Programme combines live virtual sessions with pre-recorded videos that you can watch in your own time. And with increased interest from EAs and PAs across the world we are scheduling in more training to suit different time zones too.

Benefit #12

We help you recognise and gain clarity on your starting point. We help you identify your strengths, your current skillsets and expertise alongside the skills you need and want to develop. 

In essence, we work with you to develop your excellency (it’s where Your Excellency Limited get’s its name of course!).

We recommend you conduct a Personal SWOT as a starting exercise and remember this is not a “one off” exercise. Change is inevitable and impacts who you are, what you know and where you are (mentally and physically). A Personal SWOT is a “snapshot of YOU” from which you can give insightful feedback on how and where to develop. 

We’ll help you understand that everyone was a beginner once and that expertise is developed as you work your way up the Competency Learning Ladder. 

Benefit #13

We believe you’re in a privileged position – you see, hear and experience what is going on from the “shopfloor” to the “Board Room Table” and are therefore in the very best position to put forward insightful and useful proposals, ideas and suggestions. We help you share and communicate these ideas with real IMPACT. 

By honing your communication skills you’ll be able to create and maintain the very best working relationships. The best EA/Executive relationships are based on trust and respect and open, honest communication and we ensure these foundations are covered at every training session we deliver.  

Benefit #14

During our training we will help you identify

– where you are on your career journey

– where you need and want to be and

– what steps you need to take to get there

We help you understand the importance of the “first step” to achieving your career goals – however small that first step may seem it is the forward momentum, the motivation and movement in the right direction that will start you off on your journey.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones – Confucius

Benefit #15

To achieve the qualification incorporated into our Essential PA Programme, after each training session you are required to submit a written assignment. We recognise this can be a “scary thought” if you’ve never had to write a formal business document before or you’re unsure of how to lay out Harvard Referencing or your bibliography. 

We’ll give you guidance on how to submit a professional assignment that details choice and relevant references and quotations, that includes an impressive bibliography and that fully answers the assignment questions to meet the marking criteria. 

To graduate from our Mini MBA Programme you are required to submit a case study which incorporates all your learning from the Programme and demonstrates to us your understanding and application of theory. Throughout the Programme we’ll support you with deciding on a case study topic and help you build up your knowledge so you can be proud of your submission.

Benefit #16

We value and share learning with you that combines EQ and IQ to ensure your success. We’ll help you develop a learning mindset so you appreciate the competency learning ladder and will learn from any and every situation. 

Benefit #17

We’re well connected in the PA, VA and learning & development communities. We value the power of networking and can give you a personal introduction to PA Networking owners in your area so you can tap into the amazing community around you. The most comprehensive listing of Global Associations can be found here.

If you identify a learning need outside of our scope of expertise we can connect you with the people who can help. These are our Business Friends who we are confident in recommending as experts and professionals.  

Benefit #18

We encourage the use of feedback as a development tool – so you (and us!) know we’re on track to achieving learning goals. Your Excellency use your feedback to improve quality of our offerings – in terms of content, materials and delivery standards. We ensure every training session is absolutely relevant to you and up to date. 

Benefit #19

Alongside training on time management and prioritising your workload we place an emphasis on wellness and ensuring you can manage your energy in the workplace. Others rely on you. You need to be in a great place yourself to give your energy out whilst ensuring you can constantly renew this energy and identify factors that are depleting your energy. We love this Harvard Business Review article on that very subject and our Co-Founder & Director’s mini training session here.

We help you understand change, the fact that it is inevitable, the fact that it is emotive and how to build a resilience and robustness to maintain wellness.  

Benefit #20

Studying towards a professional, accredited qualification will open the door to increased responsibilities and role scope. It increases your promotion prospects and earning potential and can gain you the respect of your peers, Executive(s) and organisation. As a Your Excellency Graduate you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance which you can display with pride.

Your Executive will be more fully supported as you implement the most up to date working practices and you’ll have a thorough appreciation of this valuable profession and how to remain the best you can be.


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IAM are one of the oldest professional bodies for business and administrative managers in the UK.

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Existing IAM members are eligible for 15% discount on listed training prices.

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