Upping Your Game for Executive Assistants – Part Three – Ask for feedback

Welcome to part three of five of ‘Upping Your Game for Executive Assistants’, here we look at asking for feedback and how it can impact your role.

At any and every opportunity ask for feedback.  Ask your Executives.  Ask your fellow EAs and work colleagues.  Ask your clients and customers.   Let them know you value feedback as a great way to strive to be better in everything you do. 

Even when you get those great comments that you’ve done a fantastic job, probe for more information.  Ask  “what would have made it even better?”, “what can I do more of?” “what can I do less of?”  “what’s the one piece of development feedback you can give me?”. 

And remember feedback is data.  Thank the individual for the feedback then make an informed decision as to what you’re going to do with the feedback you’ve received. 

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