Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 103 – Originality wins!

Welcome to a delayed #LunchNLearnWithLindsay issue! I hope, like me, you enjoyed a happy, restful and fun Easter weekend. 

I was very strict with myself about taking time away from Excellency activities this weekend (hence an issue hitting your inbox on a Tuesday!).

I enjoyed some gorgeous sunshine and watching my daughter, Lottie, play cricket.  I smiled at the antics of our two call ducks, Dexter and Daphne, who bumble about the garden and I started planning a few breaks away for the remainder of the year now that travel is back on the books (yay!). 

I used the last few days as reflective time.  I have loved looking back on how far Your Excellency has come since I started these weekly messages. 

On that note, an amusing and thought-provoking post came up on my Facebook memories yesterday and I want to share it with you now.  

I am incredibly proud of our Mini MBA Programme. I truly believe it counters the “regurgitation” sentiment of my post and I’m delighted that we stepped up to providing new, relevant content for you at the start of 2021 with this industry-first, accredited Programme.

We love the feedback we get from our learners and Graduates and we continue to build up our Learner Success Stories and make a real difference to the learning and career journeys of so many.  This morning we sold our last place for the April cohort, we’re taking bookings for May and we’re scheduling in some new dates for a June cohort too!

⭐️Facebook post from 2019⭐️

So, running your own business means you are never really 💯% switched off from it.

As a business owner I choose to keep up to date with what’s happening (with clients, associates, competitors, sector etc) when I’m on holiday.

(This is obviously at a more leisurely pace, with maybe a cocktail in hand and feet in the sand or dangling in the pool – you’ve been following my posts….you know me🍸🐠⛱🏝)

With my more relaxed and reflective mindset I am feeling thoroughly disappointed at the lack of fresh content that excites me where learning and development and the EA/PA profession is concerned…..🤨

everything seems a regurgitation of old content under a new guise/name – almost tricking the reader into thinking they are taking on board some revolutionary new thinking when in fact it’s just been packaged up differently and to match with the trend of the moment (de rigueur darling 😘) (eg if it was in a rose gold casing Lottie would be enamoured ….)

So, whilst sipping my cocktail (toes in the sand…) I’m asking myself “Is there anything authentic, original and new out there that I’m missing?” And then I’m thinking “If not, should I be the originator of something authentic, original and new” (although very quickly I’m thinking “wtf is this new stuff?” 😂)

Malcom, Lottie & I were playing a fun music game tonight whilst having our evening meal – a bit like a ‘tenuous link’ radio game where we each sung a track 🎼🎤

(poor fellow diners near us!)

then we had to follow it up with another track that was connected in some way….

Lottie sang/hummed ‘fast car’ by Jonas Blue and I explained to her that this was a ‘cover’/re-make of an original by Tracy Chapman (which, for the record, I believe is far better – as I know my fellow slightly older buddy Ange believes too😜)

Lottie was unaware of this (and frankly not that interested in knowing – why would she be?!)

Are we just going to go though life reissuing versions of originals to dupe our youngsters into thinking these are originals? Or should we be honouring the provenance of originals and then (even better) coming up with truly original new “stuff”?!!!!

Answers on a postcard please x



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