Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 58: The Magic of Words – Part 3

Welcome to another Monday, another ????Lunch N Learn With Lindsay???? instalment and more magic as I continue sharing my belief that words have a magic and power to them.

Use motivational words to achieve goals and objectives

Goals and objectives are there to be “achieved” so it makes sense that the use of words that promote forward movement and momentum are your magic ones. You are heading towards achieving your goals and putting in to practice “towards” thinking using “towards” words as opposed to “away from” thinking and “away from” words.

Here’s a checklist to help you identify the difference:

“Away From” Words
Don’t want
Can’t (do)
This is a problem, this is hard, this is difficult
Barriers, obstacles
Lose, eliminate, get rid of
Movement away from something
Can be considered demotivational/draning and negative
Great for risk analysis!
A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh character?  Eeyore of course!

“Towards” Words
Do want, will do
Can (do) and will do
This is a challenge/challenging – and I’m up for that challenge!
Gain, get, attain, achieve
Movement towards something
Can be considered motivational/inspirational and positive
Great for achieving goals and outcomes!
A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh character?  Tigger of course!

Identify what your natural tendency is.  If you’re more of an “away from thinker” (and you’re fantastic at risk analysis!), do make a conscious change in your language when you want to add some magic to help you and others achieve goals.  This will encourage motivation, positivity and  forward movement and gain.  Add this to stepping outside of your comfort zone and you’re definitely creating some magic! 


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