Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 89 : Rapport : What is it?

Welcome to another #LunchNLearnWithLindsay issue.

If, like me, last week was your first week back at work I hope it went well?  Are you now ready to embrace all the challenges and delights that 2022 will inevitably have in store for you? 

Truth-be-known, one week into 2022 and I was pretty shattered by Friday evening!  My body and mind had to adjust to a 6am wake up call (goodness it’s dark at that time!) to ensure I could still maintain my 45 minute walk, and 6,000 steps with Malcolm, before the school run. 

I find an early morning “stomp” and the fresh air (read “rather bracing, freezing air” at this time of year too!) sets me up for the day.  Couple this with a good playlist in the car and singing along with my daughter on the school run and I’m in a fantastic mindset when I arrive back at Your Excellency HQ and log onto my laptop for training design and delivery and engaging with you, our valued EA and PA clients (always with a freshly brewed coffee in hand!).

So, in the next few issues I’ll be honing in on “RAPPORT” and I want to start by asking you to define that word…What does “rapport” mean to you?

….many of you will have identified that “rapport” is all about the relationship or connection you have with others.  Hopefully lots of you have claimed great rapport with your Executive and work colleagues too?! Fantastic!  Your definition aligns perfectly with that of the Oxford Dictionary, namely 

“a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well”.

Whilst I absolutely agree with this definition, I do think it is missing a crucial element. For, if we are to have the very best relationships with others, we need to have The Very Best Relationship with ourselves. A rapport, love and appreciation for “me, myself and I” are the foundations to all success.

We need to understand who we are as individuals and how we “tick”.  We need to recognise and acknowledge our own strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, beliefs, values, patterns, behaviours and makeup.  In doing so, we will identify our “starting point” and ensure a true appreciation and understanding of ourselves from which we can then develop a true appreciation and understanding of others.

How differently The Oxford Dictionary definition reads then when we re-define rapport as being the relationship with “me, myself and I”:

“a close and harmonious relationship with ourselves in which we understand our own feelings and ideas and can communicate these well”.

What do you think ❓

Please stay tuned for upcoming #LunchNLearnWithLindsay content that will help you create, develop and maintain that rapport with “me, myself and I”


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