The 5 undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications – Benefit 3

It’s great that so many EAs, PAs and administrative professionals are attending free and complimentary training sessions and webinars at the moment.  There’s a lot of valuable content out there and I applaud you for being proactive and using this period of uncertainty to commit to your continuing professional development.  

With the turbulent world we are all experiencing right now it’s never been more important to bulletproof your career.  We believe the best way to do that is with accredited training and qualifications.  And whilst our accredited training and qualifications have a price tag on them* we know it’s a great investment for you and your current or future employers.

In this article we’ll share the benefits of this investment with you.  We will encourage you to reconsider the “why-would-I-pay-for-training-when-I-can-be-learning-for-free?” mindset. We’ll shine a spotlight on the undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications versus (and complementary to) the “free stuff”. (*Whilst we know we are competitively and fairly priced in the market, we also know that the cost may be a barrier to you right now which is why we’ve launched our “TRAIN NOW PAY LATER!” scheme.  You can defer payment or spread the cost over 5 monthly instalments.)

Benefit #3
You’ll create a great working relationship with us and we’ll support you throughout your learning journey

This isn’t a 60 minute webinar or 45 minute training session with limited or no opportunity to introduce yourself or time to get to know your trainer and your fellow learners.  This is a learning programme where we’ll get to know each other and create a highly supportive working relationship. 

“Lindsay’s holistic style of delivery included practical tips and it was engaging and inclusive. This was an excellent opportunity to network and discuss best practice”, EA working in higher education, UK

We know that people like to learn in different ways so we are flexible in our style of delivery to promote inclusivity, respecting your individual learning preference.  We’re all made up differently (it’s what makes our lives so very interesting of course – particularly in the working environment when you need to get along with so many different people!). 

You’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you as we support you every step of the way with your learning journey – as this LinkedIn testimonial from learner Marion Marling, EA at HSBC states when she found out she’d achieved the SFJ Awards – Level 3 qualification 

“So I have to say a huge thank you to Lindsay Taylor and all the tutors at Your Excellency. I have never been so proud of achieving something….the team at Your Excellency took the time to help me every step of the way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

With 13 years’ experience as learning and development specialists, we pride ourselves on helping you “create the difference that makes the difference”. We encourage you to identify how, when and where you will apply your newfound skills and to recognise the benefit and positive impact you will gain by putting them into practice.

Remember, your effectiveness and efficiency will have a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your Executive and your organisation – the bottom line is you’re adding huge value to your organisation and cultivating success for all.  By keeping up to date with the most current working practices you will be able to apply these, saving your Executive time and money and alleviating pressure on yourself when you can be more effective and efficient.

We work in close partnership with corporates who value their EA, PA and administrative team.  Take Stantec for example. We have the pleasure to be supporting their administrative team with our accredited qualifications and we agree with Director, Keith Mitchell’’s comment that the resulting “can-do” attitude will absolutely set the tone and “permeate” the rest of the organisation.

Keith Mitchell, Regional (UK) Director Community Development and Infrastructure comments:

“Stantec has been working with our clients and communities in the UK for over 150 years. With over 1,700 people working in integrated regional teams across the UK, we plan, design, deliver and manage the development and infrastructure needed to support the creation of sustainable, healthy and prosperous communities. Our business relies on having highly skilled technical consultancy teams, but it also relies on having  good data, robust systems and effective communication – between and within our teams, with our clients, and with the many stakeholders we deal with on a daily basis.

We believe that our Administration team play a critical role in our success in delivering this. They help our teams to ensure that our systems are being used effectively, that our projects run smoothly, and that our clients and other stakeholders have a great experience of working with Stantec. We recognise that these are complex business critical roles which require a highly professional approach, and see that training and development is as important for our administrators as it is for our technical consultancy teams.

We are delighted to be working with Your Excellency Limited who are helping to support the development and progression of our team, and in doing so creating a can do, professional culture that permeates the rest of the organisation.”

If you’re an EA, PA or Administrative Professional seeking a new role always check out what level of CPD focus a potential new employer has – do they have a budget to support your development? Do they actively encourage you to book on workshops and training courses and will they fund you to undertake an accredited, professional qualification?  The best employers know investing in CPD builds loyalty. People want to feel supported in their career progression and CPD helps employers ensure their staff feel more engaged. Engaged employees are more loyal.  Engaged employees are more productive.

“investment and increase in input (your learning and development) produces investment and increase in output”

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