The 5 undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications – Benefit 2

It’s great that so many EAs, PAs and administrative professionals are attending free and complimentary training sessions and webinars at the moment.  There’s a lot of valuable content out there and I applaud you for being proactive and using this period of uncertainty to commit to your continuing professional development.  

With the turbulent world we are all experiencing right now it’s never been more important to bulletproof your career.  We believe the best way to do that is with accredited training and qualifications.  And whilst our accredited training and qualifications have a price tag on them* we know it’s a great investment for you and your current or future employers.

In this article we’ll share the benefits of this investment with you.  We will encourage you to reconsider the “why-would-I-pay-for-training-when-I-can-be-learning-for-free?” mindset. We’ll shine a spotlight on the undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications versus (and complementary to) the “free stuff”. (*Whilst we know we are competitively and fairly priced in the market, we also know that the cost may be a barrier to you right now which is why we’ve launched our “TRAIN NOW PAY LATER!” scheme.  You can defer payment to October 2020 or spread the cost over 5 monthly instalments.)

Benefit #2
Holding an accredited qualification is evidence to current and future employers that you have studied and learned to the highest standards.

The IAM accreditation means Your Excellency Limited have met stringent quality standards.  Our trainers are qualified and our teaching practices and materials are regularly reviewed and audited. 

Our content is current and relevant. We make sure we’re aware of the most up to date initiatives and news from across the world that affects you, the EA professional. Our materials cover the top skills that have been identified as most desired by employers according to The World Economic Forum.

We encourage you to consider applying different working practices and we signpost you to relevant TED talks, blog posts and resources including keeping you up to date with The World Administrators Summit news and promoting a global understanding of this profession and what makes it so unique and valuable.  

Our trainers are qualified experts in their field. We believe credibility is heightened when a trainer has worked in the field for which they are sharing their knowledge. 

So, our Director Lindsay Taylor is a former EA herself. She worked for 10 years both in the UK and USA in Senior EA positions and understands the diversity of the PA profession and the inevitable challenges you face based on her own experience. 

Our Director Malcolm delivers our Finance, Commercial and Business Awareness training and draws on his extension knowledge and experience in previous roles across the world.  

You can read more about us and our Associate Trainers here. 

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