The 5 undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications – Benefit 1

It’s great that so many EAs, PAs and administrative professionals are attending free and complimentary training sessions and webinars at the moment.  There’s a lot of valuable content out there and I applaud you for being proactive and using this period of uncertainty to commit to your continuing professional development.  

With the turbulent world we are all experiencing right now it’s never been more important to bulletproof your career.  We believe the best way to do that is with accredited training and qualifications.  And whilst our accredited training and qualifications have a price tag on them* we know it’s a great investment for you and your current or future employers.

In this article we’ll share the benefits of this investment with you.  We will encourage you to reconsider the “why-would-I-pay-for-training-when-I-can-be-learning-for-free?” mindset. We’ll shine a spotlight on the undeniable benefits of accredited training and qualifications versus (and complementary to) the “free stuff”. (*Whilst we know we are competitively and fairly priced in the market, we also know that the cost may be a barrier to you right now which is why we’ve launched our “TRAIN NOW PAY LATER!” scheme.  You can defer payment or spread the cost over 5 monthly instalments.)

Benefit #1
“It’s like having a bespoke programme that meets my learning needs and wants” Level 3 learner

When you sign up as a learner with Your Excellency and decide to undertake an accredited qualification, you’ll be able to choose which training courses (or Units) you attend. In effect you will be creating a bespoke Programme to meet your individual learning wants and needs. This can open the door to accelerated career opportunities and earning potential.

We offer two levels of qualifications: a Level 3 and a Level 4.  

SFJ Awards – Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills

This qualification has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills required by professional administrators.

To achieve the Award you need to complete 5 one day training units from a selection of 12. 

The level of this training is delivered to A-Level standard.

The Level 3 Award acknowledges the breadth and diversity of the EA and PA role with topic specific learning.  You can attend training in Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Minute Taking, Business Writing and Event Management. By gaining more in-depth knowledge in specific subjects you will be able to step up to taking on more responsibilities and more ably and fully support your Executive. You might also discover you’ve got a passion and flair for Project Management or Finance and use this training as a stepping stone to a more niche or specialist role. More details of the individual Units can be found here.

SFJ Awards – Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management

This qualification has been designed for those who are already operating at a more senior level as experienced PAs, Executive PAs, Office and Administration Managers.

To achieve the Certificate you need to complete 3 two day training units from a selection of 4.

The level of this training is delivered to university degree standard.

During your period of study we acknowledge and recognise the PA and EA as a true professional and leader. We are passionate about raising the profile of this profession and share management and leadership theories and strategies to help hone your expertise.

Taking on board management and leadership theory, you’ll be able to match your Executive’s strategic thinking and have a better appreciation of their role and how you can (and will!) step up to supporting them more effectively.

The SFJ Awards – Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management has been called “a mini Leadership Programme”. We totally agree!  

“The EA/PA is a leader in their own right. That’s something we need to be proud of and take ownership of. From this awareness we can hone our management and leadership skills to ensure we are employing the very best practices. In doing so we are well on the way to raising the profile of this profession” Lindsay Taylor, Founder & Director of Your Excellency Limited

And, if you decide that a full qualification is not for you, you can attend any of the Units individually.

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Become a truly exceptional EA by combining strategy, finance, marketing and leadership know-how in this accessible and accredited blended-learning Programme. The Mini MBA is for Senior & Executive Assistants who want to master business and leadership skills.

The knowledge and skills you will learn will be equally useful within your professional role and personal lives.

IAM are one of the oldest professional bodies for business and administrative managers in the UK.

During your period of study with Your Excellency Limited, you will have Student Membership status of the IAM.

When you achieve your qualification, you’ll be able to take advantage of a preferential Your Excellency alumni rate and upgrade to full membership status.

Existing IAM members are eligible for 15% discount on listed training prices.

Your Excellency offers professional accredited training through the SFJ Awards.

SFJ Awards are the Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation for the Level 3 Award in Professional PA and Administration Skills and Level 4 Certificate in Office and Administration Management.

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