Top 20 Benefits of accredited IAM training and qualifications with Your Excellency Limited – Part 1

Over the last few weeks Your Excellency Limited have been sharing on social media galore – Tweets, LinkedIn videos, Instagram and Facebook posts included. 

On a mission to elevate the EA/PA profession to the height at which it belongs, we’ve been sharing the benefits of accredited IAM training and qualifications. 

This article pulls those 20 benefits together in one useful resource document with weblinks and further reading. We’ve considered the benefits to you personally, to your Executive(s) and to your organisation.  We’ve also produced a supplementary document for you to use when requesting sign-off for your learning and development. If you’d like a copy of this valuable document please email

Benefit #1

When you sign up as a learner with Your Excellency and decide to undertake an accredited qualification, you’ll be able to choose which training courses (or Units) you attend. In effect you will be creating a bespoke Programme to meet your individual learning needs and wants.

Your Excellency Limited offer a Level 3 and a Level 4 qualification.   

To achieve the IQ/IAM Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills you choose and attend 5 face-to-face one day training courses. 

To achieve the IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management you choose and attend 3 face-to-face two day training courses. 

If you decide that a full qualification is not for you, you can attend any of the Units individually.

More details of the individual Units can be found in Your Excellency’s Menu of Learning downloadable from their website here.

Benefit #2

The IAM accreditation means Your Excellency Limited have met stringent quality standards. Our content is current and relevant. We make sure we’re aware of the most up to date initiatives and news from across the world that affects you, the EA professional. Our materials cover the top skills that have been identified as most desired by employers according to The World Economic Forum.

We encourage you to consider applying different working practices and we signpost you to relevant TED talks, blog posts and resources including keeping you up to date with The World Administrators Summit news and promoting a global understanding of this profession.  

Our trainers are qualified experts in their field. We believe credibility is heightened when a trainer has worked in the field for which they are sharing their knowledge. 

So, our Director Lindsay Taylor is a former EA herself. She worked for 12 years both in the UK and USA in Senior EA positions and understands the diversity of the PA profession and the inevitable challenges you face based on her own experience. 

Our Director Malcolm delivers our Finance, Commercial and Business Awareness training and draws on his extension knowledge and experience in previous roles across the world. 

Our Wellness Associate, Lorraine Groves, is a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives.  

You can read more about us and our Associate Trainers here. 

Benefit #3

We were delighted to receive this LinkedIn testimonial from a Your Excellency Graduate when she learned she had achieved the IQ/IAM Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills. As our Graduate’s testimonial states, we will be with you every step of the way as we support you throughout your programme of study. 

So I have to say a huge thank you to Lindsay Taylor and all the tutors at Your Excellency. I have never been so proud of achieving something….the team at Your Excellency took the time to help me every step of the way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

With 12 years’ experience as learning and development specialists, we pride ourselves on helping you “create the difference that makes the difference”. We encourage you to identify how, when and where you will apply your newfound skills and to recognise the benefit and positive impact you will gain by putting them into practice.

Remember, your effectiveness and efficiency will have a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your Executive and your organisation – the bottom line is you’re adding huge value to your organisation and cultivating success for all. I read a great comment from an EA the other day that “investment and increase in input (your learning and development) produces investment and increase in output” which is absolutely true. By keeping up to date with the most current working practices you will be able to apply these, saving your Executive time and money and alleviating pressure on yourself when you can be more effective and efficient.

Benefit #4

We appreciate the role of the EA and PA is diverse. Our Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills has topic specific skills that acknowledge the diversity and breadth of the role. 

You can attend training in Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Minute Taking, Business Writing and Event Management. By gaining more in-depth knowledge in specific subjects you will be able to step up to taking on more responsibilities and more ably and fully support your Executive. 

Benefit #5

We know that people like to learn in different ways. We are flexible in our style of delivery to promote inclusivity and we respect individual learning preferences.  We’re all made up differently (it’s what makes our lives so very interesting of course – particularly in the working environment when you need to get along with so many different people!). 

“Lindsay’s holistic style of delivery included practical tips and it was engaging and inclusive. This was an excellent opportunity to network and discuss best practice”, EA working in higher education, UK

Benefit #6

During your period of study you’ll have student membership of the IAM, one of the oldest professional bodies for business and administrative managers in the UK. You’ll receive invites to CPD events in your area and a regular newsletter with up to date news and resources to support you.

Upon successful completion of a qualification with us and for an annual fee you can upgrade your student membership to full membership. One of the benefits of this is that you can add post nominal letters after your name – this looks impressive on your CV and your LinkedIn profile. It also adds to your credibility and demonstrates the commitment from you, your Executive and your organisation to this profession. 

Benefit #7

You’ll join a friendly cohort of learners with a maximum group size of 14. This ensures you have optimum interaction with the trainer and plenty of opportunity to network and share your stories, including the challenges of the role.

Chatham House Rules apply – what is said in the training room remains in the training room. We will share strategies and solutions to your identified challenges and invite input from your fellow learners as you share best practice and ideas. According to The Institute of Industrial Psychologists networking accounts for 60% of your career progression. We recognise every training session is an ideal opportunity to network. 

Benefit #8

We acknowledge and recognise the PA and EA as a true professional and leader. We are passionate about raising the profile of this profession and share management and leadership theories and strategies to help hone your expertise.

Taking on board management and leadership theory, you’ll be able to match your Executive’s strategic thinking and have a better appreciation of their role and how you can (and will!) step up to supporting them more effectively.

The IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management has been called “a mini Leadership Programme”. We totally agree!  

“The EA/PA is a leader in their own right. That’s something we need to be proud of and take ownership of. From this awareness we can hone our management and leadership skills to ensure we are employing the very best practices. In doing so we are well on the way to raising the profile of this profession” Lindsay Taylor, Director of Your Excellency Limited

Benefit #9

Our offerings are more affordable than you may think.  A one day training course starts at £490 plus VAT. We apply a discount to the full cost of qualifications and believe we remain competitively priced in the market.

Benefit #10

The other day I read another trainer’s programme outline and it mentioned a “voice over internet protocol connection” as a tool for training delivery. I developed a few more frown lines after reading this but very quickly worked out that what was actually meant was a headset with microphone necessary for the online training offering. 

We are not fans of jargon. We say it as it is (with thought and integrity of course). We explain things in simple terms. We cut through the jargon and therefore ensure you really understand the new models, theories and strategies and how you can apply them to benefit you, your Executive(s) and your organisation. 


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