Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 3: The value of keeping a “ta da” file

This post follows on perfectly from last week’s “sing your song with pride” moment and my story about “our girls”.

Keeping a record and file of your achievements and proud moments is good practice.

When you receive an email from your Director thanking you for a job well done, when you collate the feedback from an event you organised and you’re glowing in the 5-stars you’ve received, make sure you log this information.

You can set up a folder in your inbox to save emails.  You can set up a file on your laptop to save documents of evidence – or, if you’re still old school, you can print out documents to put in a physical file.

On days where you feel stretched, challenged or you’re doubting your own capabilities (and I’ll let you into a little secret – we all have days like this!) it can be a real confidence boost and pick-me-up to read through your folder.  And in preparation for your performance review at work this information is vital in demonstrating your contribution to the team, your achievement of this year’s goals and a conversation starter for setting next year’s objectives based on your growing and developing skillsets and capabilities.

I’d also recommend conducting a regular Personal SWOT to ensure you’re nurturing your own growth and development.   You can learn more about conducting a Personal SWOT in the link below.

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