Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 117 – Sing your own Song with Pride!

Welcome to another issue of🍏Lunch N Learn with Lindsay🍏 and a real “feel good” issue today. 

In light of our exciting Press Release which you can read here, I’m resharing an archive blog post advocating that we all “sing our own song with pride”.  Written in May 2020, my sentiment still rings true.

It can be easy to “dampen down” your role, to take it for granted and cite  “this is just what I do”. 

Take time to consider the contribution you make to the success of your Executive and organisation.  Put yourself forward for an Award (like the Australian Admin Awards if you’re one of our Australian readers!) and Sing your own song with pride, as I reshare my 2020 blog.

Your Excellency HQ is a beautiful purpose-built office at the bottom of our garden in the Bedfordshire, English countryside.  Even before #lockdown, the only commuter traffic you were likely to encounter as you made your way to the office would be our girls – three chickens.
Our girls are lovingly and aptly named according to breed, colour and my daughter, Lottie’s whim.  Fleur, a coiffed French beauty who looks utterly surprised at everything, Crumble the mischievous one whose energetic struts across the lawn are in stark contrast to Polly a silky-black feathered beauty who takes her time at everything.

Whilst our girls all have their own characteristics and their own unique quirks, there is one thing that they all have in common.  It’s their ability to lay eggs – we have a constant supply of beautiful deep-golden-yolked eggs, albeit sometimes a bit misshapen!  It’s so satisfying to collect the eggs still warm from the coop, to proudly serve scrambled eggs alongside bacon for Sunday brunch or bake the family recipe for sticky black gingerbread (yes, the diet’s going well in #lockdown – good thing I’m counteracting this with those regular trips to our home gym!).

The one thing that I absolutely love about our girls is their “song and dance” when they’ve laid an egg.  Even though its something they do every day they still announce with pride that they’ve done it again. They come helter-skelter down the coup ladder, jump up onto the dust bath and sing loudly.  I love that our girls are so proud of something they repeatedly do and that they are vocal about sharing the news.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned during this #lockdown its not to take for granted the things that are normally part and parcel of our everyday lives (for me it’s physical contact, hugs with our loved ones, travel and freedom to explore the world beyond our doorstep…).  And how often do we stop and take stock of what we’ve achieved particularly if it’s something we regularly do? How often do you sing your own little song of pride and share your news with others?



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