Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 53: 10 things to be grateful for as a 21st century PA: Part 10

Welcome back to a continuation of the 10 things to be grateful for as a 21st century PA.  And – yay! – we’ve reached the Tenth and final thing! 

The Tenth Thing :  Opportunity

With all the great Things we’ve identifed, from the First Thing to the Ninth Thing, there comes Opportunity.

Opportunity.  To grow as an individual and become a valued member of your organisation’s team

Opportunity.  To learn new things

Opportunity.  To meet inspirational people in the Executive Support community

Opportunity.  What you do with it is up to you!  

You can stand at the bus stop waiting for the Opportunity bus – but unless you get on that bus (and preferably enjoy the ride!) you aren’t going to travel anywhere!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that’s quite a lot to be grateful for as a 21st century PA. We’ve come a long way since my clicky-clacky typewriter days and it does make me wonder what Miss Simms would say if she were here today!

I believe the next chapter in the evolving roles of the Execute Support profession can be influenced by you – take charge of your own CPD, be proactive in championing the role by attending networking events (or setting up your own internal network). Be involved wherever and whenever you can and, on your journey of learning, networking and sharing and riding the Opportunity bus,  have fun!


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