Lunch and Learn with Lindsay – Issue 56: The Magic of Words – Part 1

Welcome to another 🍏Lunch N Learn with Lindsay🍏.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing learning on “The Magic of Words” and my belief that words have a magic and power to them.  Words can transport you to a different place, a different time and they can evoke feelings, sounds, movements and images.

One word, no matter how many letters it contains, how many syllables or beats there are to it, can hold vast meaning.

One word, spoken and heard, can create a wave of implications and consequences.

Consequences good or bad.

Implications positive or negative.


An integral element of my training and coaching sessions is the use of “precision language” – the art of being “precise” and knowing the very best language and words to use in a given situation. 

I would love you all to be able to use the magic of words to create good, positive consequences and implications (let’s face it – the world needs this right now!), so here’s the first of my tips on doing this.   

Remember:  Words mean different things to different people

We are all unique. Whilst this makes the world an interesting place to be, it also makes the world a challenging place to be! Not everyone experiences the world as you do – everyone sees, hears and feels things differently. 

You will attach your own unique meaning to words.  Other words will “hang off it” based on your values, beliefs, previous experience, knowledge and learning. 

Consider the words that someone uses as “precious” to them – they mean something to them (that may be very different to your interpretation). 

Listen out for the specific words that your friend and colleague uses and repeat them back in conversation.  This matching of words is instrumental in creating deep rapport.  By “sounding back” these words you are letting them know you’ve really listened to them and value their definition and use of words.


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