Leading UK Training Specialist Announces Inclusion Of Mental Health First Aid Training To Their Learning & Development Portfolio

Leading UK training specialist Your Excellency Ltd has added Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training to their learning and development portfolio.

The training will be delivered by certified MHFA England Instructor Alice Scutchey who has been appointed as a Your Excellency Associate Trainer. 

Lindsay Taylor, Founder & Director commented “MHFA England’s vision is to improve the mental health of the nation.  With the impact of coronavirus, never before has this been more important.  I attended training with Alice myself recently and was so impressed with the content and Alice’s delivery.  The learning is invaluable to increase your knowledge and confidence to support your own and other people’s mental health and we are delighted to welcome Alice as our MFHA Associate Trainer”

Alice Scutchey added “I’m proud to be a certified MHFA England Instruction for Mental Health First Aid.  As an Associate Trainer with Your Excellency Limited, I am looking forward to delivering the only evidence-based, internationally accredited mental health course which certifies you as a Mental Health First Aider”

Details of the training can be found on Your Excellency’s website https://www.yourexcellency.co.uk/training-and-development/mhfa/

For further information contact Founder & Director Lindsay Taylor on 07930 194147 or email lindsay@yourexcellency.co.uk .


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