A Journey of Learning

You know when you start something new and you’re a bit clunky and slow at it?  I find that really frustrating.

You see, my perfectionist streak and impatience kicks in big time. I want to be an expert at everything right from the word “go”.  Of course, I know that’s not humanly possible.  Reminding myself of the competency/learning ladder is a real tonic to diffuse my frustration, to recognise where I am on that steep learning curve and to level myself and become more objective.

Our inevitable “clunkiness” at starting something new, at grasping a new concept, practice or technique can be explained in simple psychology theory.  And that knowledge and understanding of the human pscyhe can take the pressure off you.  It’s okay to take slightly longer at something new – to learn by trial and error, to have hiccups or “brain burps”.

Know that every moment of practice and repetition means you are becoming more skilled and more competent.  Know that there is no failure, only feedback.

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We’re all on a journey of learning.  We’re all going to be “clunky” at the start.  Every expert was once a beginner.


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